My name is Chloe Rae.
I love science! I am a geek at heart, a true school girl. I am pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in molecular biology as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in world languages.

When my nose is not stuffed in a book I am traveling. I love new experiences. So far, I have been to seven different countries and I cannot wait to visit more.

You will find that I like a little bit of everything; willing to dive deep into new endeavors. I love to be challenged mentally and physically that is why I am always in the library or the gym. Health is wealth I love micronutrient rich foods and sweet sweet fruit. And, if I’m being indulged – champagne and Peking duck!

I hope you’re as excited to meet me as I am to meet you.


City ~ Las Vegas, NV
Age ~ 22
Eyes ~ Green
Height ~ 5′ 0″
Bra ~ 32D enhanced
Shoe ~ 5

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